Tips on Managing Worry and Anxiety

Worrying is something most of us experience from time to time. It is natural for example, to worry about things that are uncertain, may be important to us or might test our ability.  Sometimes though we can let worry get out of hand; it can become overwhelming and, if not managed, can turn into anxiety and panic. Anxiety affects 15% of the population and anyone who has lived with anxiety will know it is a difficult thing to manage.

‘Mind,’ the mental health charity, has some useful tips on how we might manage worry and move away from anxious thoughts and behaviours.

  • Try shifting your focus.

You may find it helpful to shift your focus or distract yourself from the anxiety you are feeling. Look at a flower, a picture or something that you find interesting or comforting. Really notice the details, the colours and any smells or sounds.

  • Keep a diary

You may find keeping a note of what happens each time you get anxious or have a panic attack can help you spot patterns in what triggers these experiences for you, so you can think about how to deal with these situations in the future.

  • Physical exercise

You may find that physical exercise can help you manage anxiety and panic attacks. Going for a walk or a run can help you get some time to yourself to think things over, away from everyday stresses.

There are lots more tips on Mind’s website – including tips on sleep management and practising Mindfulness.

If you would like help with managing your worry and anxiety, come to People at Work and talk to one of our counsellors or coaches. You can contact us at any time.

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You could also look for further information at Anxiety UK where you can find self-help resources and local groups.

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