Tree of Self-Care: Monday – Low Mood

Low Mood

When our mood is low it can be harder to do things, and everything can seem less worthwhile. Perhaps we are challenged more in these ‘new normal’ times.

Make the effort to keep talking to those around you, keep connected.

Here are a couple of strategies you might like to try.  Making these sorts of changes to the way we think is not as easy as it sounds.  Keep practising, take small steps and congratulate yourself for taking up the challenge.

Change the glasses through which you view your world. When we are low we have a tendency to only see the negative things and discount the positive.  Pinpoint and value those good things in your day to day life.  Can you find three things to appreciate every day?  Here are links to free apps that might help get you started   There are many more on-line.

Keep networked. Take time to talk and share.  Your network probably spans home and work, don’t shut yourself off from those people. Talking takes us out of ourselves and helps to stop that vicious circle of internal ruminating.

Take time for yourself. It’s good to relax and refocus.  Do things that you enjoy.  Take up something creative or active that will help refocus your thoughts.

These are just a few strategies, follow this link to find out more about managing low mood: – collapse35bf9

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