Tree of Self-Care: Tuesday – Anxiety & Worry

Anxiety & Worry

When we are feeling anxious our thoughts can run out of control, things can get out of proportion and the same worries can go around and round in our head.  Follow our blog on ways to calm and refocus your thoughts and give yourself some peace …

Here are a couple of strategies you might like to try.  Making these sorts of changes to the way we think is not as easy as it sounds.  Keep practising, take small steps and congratulate yourself for taking up the challenge.

Recognise that ruminating over things can take us nowhere. 

Often when anxiety and worry start to overwhelm us, we lose the ability to manage our thoughts.  We can fixate on things we cannot change, things we cannot control or try to find solutions at times when we can’t take action – such as during the night.

Talking and sharing with people can help us put things into perspective and maybe manage things we cannot change.  

Keep a worry book or diary. 

Control those unhelpful thoughts.  Perhaps give a certain time each day to think about them but don’t let them take over your every waking hour.  Some people find it helpful to write them down and then by closing the book to leave those thoughts alone.  

Learn to refocus your thoughts. 

Find a way to take time away from difficult thoughts.  Make time to relax – be creative or active.  Try Mindfulness.   

Here is a Mindfulness App you could use with free meditations and there are many other free apps that can help you calm your thoughts.

The NHS website Every Mind Matters has lots of techniques you can try.

Talk to us at People at Work, we can partner you to make the changes. 020 3286 1545

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