Tree of Self-Care: Wednesday – Relationships


Maintaining good relationships with our partner, our family, our friends can at times be difficult but certainly helps our wellbeing.  Having our normal routines disrupted, as they are in these times, puts more pressure on our skills.  Follow our blog on tips to make relationships easier …

So, here are some tips to help us look after our relationships and remind us that sometimes they can become strained because of things happening around us.

Stay in touch

Stay connected to friends and family.  If you are distanced from them use the phone, online video whatever helps sharing conversations and good thoughts. Make it creative; use different ideas – pictures, sayings, quizzes – whatever works for you.

Maintain your relationship with your partner at home

Your routines will likely have changed, talk regularly about how this is working.  You may have different coping strategies – respect these.  Practice acts of kindness, they make us feel good as well as our partner.

Big conversations may well have to be put on hold

Or arguments put to one side and truces agreed.  You will be able to return to your discussions but now is the time to work together to keep a good balance.

There is a wealth of advice and guidance on the Relate website.

If you are in an abusive or controlling relationship, please seek more help here

Talk to us at People at Work, we can partner you to make the changes. 020 3286 1545

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