Tree of Self Care: Thursday – Steps to improving our wellbeing

Steps to improving our wellbeing

The building blocks of good wellbeing are about staying connected, keeping active, appreciating the world around us, giving acts of kindness, keeping learning and being creative and looking after our health.  Of course, in todays ‘new normal’ the ways we choose to do this have changed.  Follow our blog and suggestions …

Here are some suggestions on looking after our wellbeing.  Under the restrictions of this Coronavirus outbreak some ideas about looking after yourself may feel unrealistic. Make the changes that are possible and do what works for you!

Look after your physical health

Try and eat well, plan activities and exercise that suits you, manage your sleep pattern.  If you are staying at home or self-isolating, keeping to a schedule can help you keep these things on track.

Practice moments of kindness and appreciate the good things in your life

Reach out to people with moments of kindness – it does wonders for our own feeling of wellbeing.  Remind yourself of the things that give you happiness and hope; notice the world around you.  There are many Apps online to help you – here’s some examples:

Keep Learning and Be Creative

Learning new things can help refocus our thoughts, give us something else to think about.  Being creative can be a great way to relax.  Give yourself time to reconnect with that side of you.  Here is a link with ideas about getting creative

(Please note, any regional events will not be taking place due to the restriction in place).

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