Tree of Self Care: Friday – Managing Work Stress

Managing Work Stress

So, our world of work has been turned upside down!  Whether you are a frontline member of staff, are having to remote work or know you will soon be called back into work, you will be faced with new challenges and demands. Now, more than ever, keeping those work and home boundaries will be tested.  Follow our blog here to pick up tips and good practice …

So, here are some tips to help us maintain our work wellbeing and the challenges we are facing today.

Tips on remote working

e are all discovering there are benefits from working from home.  Once our IT niggles are sorted out, gone is the stressful commute, the pressures of making sure we are on-time and perhaps the annoying factors in our normal work environment.

If we are not to replace one work-based stress with another work-at-home stress, then here are some tips on keeping our remote working organised.

  • Set up a designated workspace where you can focus on work without being distracted
  • Keep your workday structured and set your core work hours – think about planned breaks; may be a To Do list will also help
  • Keep connected to your team; contribute to on-line meetings
  • Ask for support when you need it; continue to have conversations with your manager
  • Resist the temptation to be ‘always on’.  Keep work things and home things boundaried.

For more tips on remote working, how to manage your team on remote working and tips for online meetings click here

Going back into the workplace

This applies currently only to businesses in England and also whether your organisation is encouraging you to return to work.  What might you need to think about?  Communication is going to be key; discuss with your manager how things will be organised including

  • Infection Control and cleaning
  • Social distancing
  • Arrangements re visitors or customers
  • What transport arrangements are possible and safe for you
  • How your work hours could be arranged or shift patterns
  • Risk assessments undertaken for the return

If you have any concerns or suggestions, then bring these forward.  Think about whether any home arrangements will need to change.

If you would like to know more about the government guidelines to employers for your industry sector here are the government guidelines on Working Safely during Covid-19

You can always discuss this with People at Work, your EAP, on 020 3286 1545

Balancing work and home pressures

You may be in a front-line role or a role which has become more pressured or overwhelming with COVID19 demands.  The strategies for managing stress at work remain.  They may be harder to apply or feel unrealistic; do what you can and what works for you.  Here are a few strategies to consider.  There are many more that might be right for you.  People at Work, your EAP and Counselling Service is there to support you at any time.

  • Keep your work tasks and home tasks boundaried.  Resist the temptation to be ‘always on’.
  • Ask for support when you need it.  Keep communicating and be clear about what is possible
  • Don’t neglect your personal wellbeing – maintain a schedule which allows you to do exercise, eat well, keep a reasonable sleep pattern and remain connected to your social networks
  • Use Mindfulness techniques to refocus your thoughts and take time to relax

People at Work, your EAP and Counselling Service, can support you to put strategies in place or to talk through any issues you are experiencing.  020 3286 1545

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