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Our mission is to improve the wellbeing of staff and the organisations in which they work.  We pride ourselves on being a small, focussed organisation with a professional touch.


Our values are simple, we believe the world of work can be a better place if people are valued and supported, feel happy and are able to experience themselves succeeding.  Resilience of staff, teams and organisations as a whole grows out of how people are supported and the skills and emotional intelligence of the leaders who manage them.


Our experienced, qualified, and wonderfully tuned in consultants and therapists partner organisations in achieving healthy, confident companies, supporting the psychological and emotional wellbeing of staff and making long lasting sustainable change.


People at Work Wellbeing Package for Companies


Covering Employee Assistance services, counselling, workplace coaching and training.  Supporting leaders and managers in achieving the best version of their service and of themselves.  Resolving conflict and dysfunction, building teams, achieving positive change.

Keeping organisations up to date on wellbeing initiatives and trends in the workplace.

Read more about our Support for Teams and contact us 


People at Work Wellbeing Package for You


Individual counselling therapy.  Sometimes we experience work challenges, personal life issues, health and wellbeing setbacks that can affect our ability to cope with and respond to life.  Our counsellors and psychotherapists are able to support you through these difficulties.


Individual coaching.  Understand how you might improve your approach to work, change how you address work issues, plan to make changes and work to achieve goals.  Our coaches will help you step outside your day to day mindset and make the change.

Read more about our Support for individuals and contact us 

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