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About us and what we do

People at Work was established over 25 years ago.  We pride ourselves on being a small personal organisation with a professional touch. We bring senior, highly qualified and experienced trainers, mediators, coaches and counsellors to help you and your organisation be the best version of yourselves . Nothing is off the shelf, rather we work with you to make sure you get only the best from us. So have a read below, get in contact and tell us about you and your organisation - together we can make wellbeing count. 

Support for Teams

Support for Teams

Team and Workshops
conflict resolution

Team building 

Forming a new team, integrating existing teams into one, resetting a team after challenging times - many elements come into play.  Was Adair right about balancing task, team, individual?  Are leadership authenticity and EQ visible?  What about communication and pro-active work planning?  Our team facilitators will work with you to fashion a resilient, high performance team - the best version of itself

Conflict resolution

We are a well-respected Resolution Practice.  Bringing together Mediators, Facilitators, Coaches and Trainers to resolve workplace conflict and develop a pathway forward for all those involved.

Coaching for change

Change, often rapid change, can be seen as a positive of the world of work today.  But without a coaching approach, change can hit a team, cause disarray and promote frustration, dysfunction and anger.  Our qualified, workplace coaches will benefit your organisation and enable managers and staff to develop, address and promote change with confidence and resilience.

Resilience workshops

Resilience, managing pressure, managing stress, coping with challenges - the world of work, the marketplace, economic conditions - workshops for teams and for individuals.  Personable, experienced senior trainers from the front line armed with strategies and techniques to build resilience.


How did it come to this?  Where in our personal and work makeup has this taken a destructive pathway?  Why is my approach and understanding of resolution not working?  Our professionally qualified Mediators will work with you to reach a resolution that allows all parties to move forward, adopt constructive tools  and concentrate once again on the task in hand.


Experienced workplace investigators.  Delivering clear  reports and recommendations within timescale and without bias.

Coaching change investigations

Support for Individuals

Support for individuals
Coaching & Counselling
Stress management & signposting

Workplace coaching

Our experienced and qualified workplace coaches will help you develop skills, address specific work issues;  build your career development plan.  Assessment tools, personality profiling and strategy analysis.

Stress management

Managing pressure, managing stress, coping with challenges - the world of work, the marketplace, economic conditions.  Workshops, coaching and counselling for teams and for individuals.  


Mindfulness coaches who can work with individuals.  When pressures are on us, events have overtaken us - using the tools of mindfulness can help us regain the here and now, move away from anxiety and recharge our resilience.  


When the techniques you have to manage your emotional and psychological wellbeing don't seem to work.  When work or home life gets too much.

Our first responders will work with you to assign the right therapist from integrative counsellors through to Cognitive Behaviour Specialists.  Experienced, senior counsellors.  Vetted and assessed.  

Signposting to support services

People at Work has been providing EAP services for over 25 years.  Working to promote self-care and self-help has always been important to us.  Our extensive expertise in signposting and supporting staff to take on responsibility for their wellbeing is a core part of our ethos.

Coaching for team leaders and managers

Management coaches to work with you to be the best version of yourself.  Bringing together culture, vision, clarity, authenticity, assertiveness,  resilience,  managing difficult conversations, managing team pressures, pro-active planning and communication, succession planning.

Assessment tools, personality profiling and strategy analysis.


What Our Clients Say

Womans head and shoulders
“Through a programme of training, team building and individual coaching this team has emerged healthier and infinitely stronger.” 

Local Authority Manager

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