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Managing the Menopause in the Workplace.....a guide for managers

Are you a manager and aware that a member of your team is struggling with symptoms of the Menopause? or do you just generally want to want to support your staff better but don’t know where to start or how to begin that conversation?

Support for those women going through the menopause can be as simple as making work place adjustments for example access to a fan or open window, being allowed more regular toilet breaks or in some cases a change to working hours or roles. The first step though is to enable those conversations and that can be where the difficulties lie. Embarrassment on both sides, not knowing how to broach the subject or where you stand legally as a manager or business owner can all be a barrier to communication. Having a menopause policy and letting your team know is a great start.

Talk to us here at People at Work and we can let you know ways in which we can support you, your team as a whole or individual team members through the menopause.

Alternatively the CIPD have some fantastic support freely available including factsheets, webinars & podcasts to help you as a manager start these conversations, support your team and create an inclusive environment. Click here to access this information

ACAS also have guidance on their website click here to read on

It is a fact that women over 50 are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace & there are over 4 million working women in this age category. All women and those born with female reproductive organs will go through the menopause.

There are many symptoms of the menopause and every woman will have a different experience. From the more well known, hot flushes, irritability & forgetfulness to anxiety and depression and more serious mental health conditions.

According to a survey carried out in 2023 by the CIPD on 2000 women, around one in six people (17%) have considered leaving work due to a lack of support in relation to their menopause symptoms, and a further 6% have left work.

Remember these issues will not only affect the individual employee but will have an impact on your team as a whole.

Talk to a People at Work first responder and find out how we can be part of your wellbeing support. 020 3286 1545

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