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Struggling with the Cost of Living?

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Costs are rising today wherever we look. World events and other conditions are causing the rate of inflation to spiral upwards. Although we are told that this will lessen within a year or two, most of us are having to deal with this here and now.

We see on the media people like us having to make difficult decisions over how to manage our cost of living. Perhaps we feel embarrassed or ashamed; depressed that we cannot make ends meet for ourselves or our family. It can affect our mental health; it can affect our ability to manage our physical health.

There are people and organisations out there to help.

If I want to really budget where do I start? Use this great tool to understand your true budget and access help

Know already what you want to change? Moneyhelper can tell you how

You can also talk to us about your financial worries. Sometimes there are other things involved - relationship breakdown, ill-health, addiction, or other personal issues.

See a lot more information, including accessing debt management advice, your local credit union and a Benefits Calculator by logging into our EAP dedicated to your organisation. MY-EAP

Talk to other people affected or likely to be affected by the issues. A common approach, and the support that sharing the problem can bring, might help maintain the enthusiasm to address the problems.

Really important is to look after yourself and try to prioritise self-care; eat properly, try and rest/sleep and maintain a routine as much as possible. Your physical and mental health are important to help you cope at this time.

Talk to a People at Work first responder and find out how we can be part of your wellbeing support.

020 3286 1545.

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