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Working From Home…….Finding the balance

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

As the covid pandemic began to take a hold we all became familiar with phrases such as “Stay at home”, “Protect the NHS”, “Save lives” but for many who were required to work from home “can you see me?” & “you’re on mute” also became familiar terminology as Zoom became the way to meet & communicate with your team.

Advances in technology enabled many office-based staff to carry on working from their own homes. For some this was good news. Cutting out the long commute and being able to spend more time with their family. No more office politics and having to listen to Sandra from accounts bang on about her cat! or on a more serious note not having to deal with that colleague who speaks to you in an offensive way or stirs up trouble or always seems to pass work on to you.

For others they miss the banter & those valuable connections with colleagues, particularly for those who may otherwise be isolated. For some, with school age children WFH coincided with home schooling, trying to make phone calls from the bedroom or kitchen table while simultaneously overseeing GCSE maths problems.

For some the journey home from work is the signal for their brain to leave work behind, when working from home the temptation may be there to check your emails in the evening or on the weekend, are we then working from home or living at work?

Recently in the press there have been questions raised about the productivity of staff working remotely. A recent survey carried out by Microsoft found that while 87% of workers felt they worked as, or more, efficiently from home, 80% of managers disagreed.

As we learn to live with COVID19 what now? For some organisations staff have been directed back to the office for others managers and business owners have recognised the benefits of more flexible working and a “hybrid’ way has been developed.

Mind has put together a Wellness Action Plan for anyone who continuing to work remotely but who may still be struggling to find that balance

If you are struggling with your work life balance as a whole regarless of wher you are working support can also be found at

Alternatively email to find out how we can support you.

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